How to Clean a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood

When you’re crossing off your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to look up! Your kitchen exhaust fan and hood get really (and we mean really) dirty over time. The grates are meant to collect all types of grease and grime, but they need to be routinely cleaned in order to work as effectively as possible.

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Learn how to clean a greasy kitchen hood and exhaust fan by following our simple guide:

Step #1: Unplug the Unit

Do not clean any commercial appliance without first unplugging it. You do not want to use water around any appliance that is connected to electricity. In addition, place a drop cloth or tarp in your cleaning area. This can be a messy job, and you want to have a protected cleaning space. Cease all cooking in the kitchen while you are cleaning your hood and fan.

Step #2: Remove Grease Receptacles

Remove the grease-collecting receptacles on the sides of the hood. Do not throw the grease in the trash. Instead, put it in a container for later disposal. Soak the receptacles in hot water and an appropriate cleaner. Also, take out the filters and soak those in the cleaning solution.

Step #3: Scrub the Exhaust Hood

While receptacles are soaking, scrub the exterior and interior of your commercial hood. Use an approved degreaser and a soft cloth. Use a soft cloth and degreaser to clean the blades of your fan. Cleaning the hood and fan can be meticulous work, so be prepared.

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