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3 Reasons Your Restaurant Shouldn’t Be Intimidated By UberEATS

Have you heard of UberEATS yet? From the creators of the popular rideshare app, UberEATS delivers food from your favorite restaurants right to your door, fast. While this obviously sounds appealing to those looking to have their favorite dishes delivered, the restaurant industry hasn’t been as excited. Because Uber is known for its ability to completely dominate a market, it’s understandable that some restaurateurs may be wondering what UberEATS might mean for their bottom line. However, there are lots of positive reasons to embrace UberEATS — read on to learn our top three.

1. There will always be customers who want to dine in.

We all love grabbing takeout and vegging out at home every now and then. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t love dining out too. A recent study from the Census Bureau found that consumers still prefer to dine out quite frequently as there are many elements to the dining experience that simply can’t be recreated at home. When it comes down to it, UberEATS expanding doesn’t mean that takeout will trump the dining out experience — but it does mean that restaurants will want to focus on pulling diner back in with what they do best (think: live music, happy hour specials, and the like).

2. UberEATS has a specific demographic.

Not everyone uses Uber, and not everyone will use UberEATS either. Uber is most popular amongst millennials and working professionals in major cities — information that you can use to your advantage. When you know who is and isn’t utilizing the app, you can cater to those who aren’t and find new ways to keep them engaged. If your spot beckons a diverse crowd, you can keep millennials interested by pushing the added benefits of dining in. Just a few ideas: showcasing special events, seasonal changes and beer and wine offerings.

3. You can partner with UberEATS.

The UberEATS website makes becoming a partner quick and painless. For restaurants who would like to see increased takeout sales, partnering with UberEATS can be beneficial. And become UberEATS has a limited number of restaurants available to users on the platform, the chances of being noticed are high.

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