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4 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

As a restaurant owner, it’s not always enough to serve mouthwatering food with impeccable customer service. Although the aforementioned are necessary, you have to look beyond these factors to get diners in the door. If you’re not effectively marketing your restaurant online through Yelp, social media, giveaway and the like, you’re missing out on a ton of potential customers! If you’re looking to increase your restaurant sales, these four simple tips will help you get started.

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1. Get Clear on How People Find You

The first way to increase sales is to get more foot traffic to your restaurant!

You can get more bodies in your restaurant by understanding how people find you, and taking advantage of it.

Today, 85 percent of people who are hungry will search for food on their cell phones! Of those, 64 percent of people who search for food on their phones will convert and visit that restaurant within one hour.

Pretty cool huh?

If you search for your restaurant on Google, you may notice a box pops up at the top of the search results. It may have a photo of your business, and often it will list your restaurant’s hours of operation, phone number, and website too. Google yourself, and you will want to make sure that all of that info that pops up is correct for you. You can follow the directions here to add this box if you don’t see one for your results or change the information if you have spotted any inaccuracies.

Yelp is another popular way for cell phone users to find places to eat, so you’ll want to click here and make sure all of the information on your Yelp profile is accurate too. Double check the phone number, website link, address, business hours, and all other data to be sure that information about you is as easy to find as possible!

2. The Most Important Social Network

Social media marketing can definitely give you great results, but not every business needs to be active on YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Soundcloud, this, that and the other thing!

It can feel really overwhelming to manage content across that many platforms.

Although there are very good reasons for you to be on any of those platforms, probably the most important social media network for local businesses is Facebook.

The reason it’s good to have a business page on Facebook is because it will be the cheapest way for you to promote your specials and your restaurant to people in your local area.

Reaching people through Facebook ads is cheaper than advertising on TV, cheaper than doing a direct mail campaign, and although it’s a tossup if it’s cheaper than Google AdWords – AdWords is a little more complicated, so it will probably be the cheapest to use Facebook where you can see better results for a smaller budget.

You can find directions for setting up your Facebook business page here, and you can learn more about adding a menu to your Facebook page here.

The Facebook presence will also be helpful because when somebody searches for your restaurant on Google, the Facebook profile will be in the top of the Google search results along with your website, Yelp profile, and the Google “My Business” box we discussed above.

It’s just one more line of the Google search results you can populate with your restaurant, rather than having other irrelevant results come up.

Even basic posts with a photo, and text that explains your special, can advertise your specials to people in your area for a very reasonable budget.

3. Have Social Media Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are the perfect pair to your new business Facebook page!

To run a contest, you can use a service called Gleam.io. Give away a gift card, meal at your restaurant, or even some company swag!

Run the targeting so the ad only displays to people who live near your restaurant (potential customers), and not only are you getting publicity for your restaurant but you’ll collect TONS of email addresses as well!

After you end the contest and award the winner, you can direct advertising towards the people who entered your contest! Here are directions to creating a “custom audience” with a list of email addresses. You know that they are interested in your restaurant (that’s why you should give away your food, or something to do directly with your restaurant – so you know the people entering are more likely to be potential customers too), you can verify on Gleam.io that they live near you (you can turn on “Location” as a field people are required to fill out, it also gives you some information on their IP addresses), and you can create a custom audience of emails you have gathered through your giveaways.

Next time you have a mouthwatering special, post about it on your Facebook page and you can send the ad around 4-5pm straight to the hungry eyes of your former contest entrants!

4. Keep Your Restaurant Clean and in Tip Top Shape

Be sure that your restaurant is clean in the front of the house and in the back of the house. While it might seem like it won’t make a difference, people can spot a poorly maintained restaurant from the photographs or through a window.

Take the time to ensure you document all of your processes for cleaning. Make sure that your documents are updated to reflect any changes in equipment (or create documents if you have none). Be sure to train all new employees on proper cleaning procedure, and don’t be afraid to schedule a review for your whole team! Front of the house and back of the house.

Specifically keeping your kitchen clean will save you a ton of money in the long run. Proper cleaning of commercial kitchen equipment can keep your Miele or Viking running for years.

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