3 Ways to Maintain Commercial Freezers

3 Ways to Maintain Commercial Freezers

As someone in the food industry, maintaining your commercial freezer is a major investment. But when it comes to protecting that investment, your commercial freezer requires preventative maintenance to function efficiently for years to come. Not only does routine maintenance keep your commercial freezer running as efficiently as possible, but it helps you stay ahead of minor issues, which reduces the risk of your freezer breaking down suddenly. If you’re wondering how you can maintain your commercial freezer, the following tips will help you protect your investment.

1. Keep Acidic Foods Covered

Covering food minimizes the spread of cross contamination in your freezer while also cutting down on corrosion. Highly acidic foods like pickles and tomatoes let out acids which, over time, eat through the refrigerant lines. Storing frozen food in plastic containers with tight sealing lids and freezer-safe bags prevents this issue.

2. Remove Dust From the Condenser

When dust and other debris builds up on the coils, the condenser isn’t able to do its job properly. When the condenser works harder than necessary for an extended period of time, it’s more likely to burn out prematurely. An overworked condenser can also send your electricity bill through the roof. If you feel comfortable cleaning the condenser yourself, use a condenser coil cleaner and brush the fins from top to bottom. After you have cleaned the fins, use a specially-designed comb to straighten any bent fins.

3. Keep Drains Clear

A drain is located at the base of a commercial refrigerator, which removes all of the interior condensation. After the liquid moves out of the drain, it travels to a drip pan where it is heated and evaporated. When the drain is blocked, the condensation gets stuck in the freezer, creating frozen build up. In a commercial kitchen, you must clean the refrigerator drain daily, removing crumbs and shifting storage containers and other items away from the drain opening.

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