4 Signs a New HVAC System Should Be on Your Christmas List

4 Signs a New HVAC System Should Be on Your Christmas List

No matter how well you care for your commercial facility’s HVAC system, it will eventually need to be replaced. If you’ve just started making your Christmas wish list, take a look at these four signs that it might be time to start thinking about adding a new HVAC system to your list.  

The System Struggles to Maintain a Consistent Temperature

Your HVAC system should not have to continually turn off and on to maintain a consistent temperature in your business. The issue might be nothing more than an inaccurate thermostat, but taking care of these problems as quickly as possible might help you avoid serious damage down the road.

Your Bills Have Increased Since Last Year

Your energy bills are naturally going to change between the seasons, which is why it is better to compare bills of the same month during different years. All other things being equal, your bills should remain similar. Business owners that notice a sharp incline in their heating or cooling costs with no other explanation should schedule an immediate service call.

It Is More Than a Decade Old

The EPA suggests that all home and business owners consider replacing their HVAC system after 10 or 15 years. Once your system is over a decade old, many of the primary components will have a much higher chance of breaking down. Holding on to an older system could actually cost you more money from repairs and increased energy bills.

The System Must Frequently Be Repaired

Some minor damage is not all that unusual for HVAC systems, but you and your technician should take a closer look at the major components if repairs are needed every year. Ongoing repairs are generally a clear sign that a larger problem is taking place in your system, and this could mean that it is ready to be replaced entirely.

Explore Your HVAC Replacement Options With Quick Servant

If your HVAC system has shown any of the four signs above, it’s time to consider replacing it. At Quick Servant, we’ve been providing reliable HVAC replacement to the Delmarva area for 40 years and strive to make the replacement process easy for you. Contact us today to learn more or get a free estimate on a new system online.