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4 Unique Holiday Traditions From Around the World

4 Unique Holiday Traditions From Around the World

With the holiday season in full swing, we’re gearing up to celebrate our beloved holiday traditions. But while we may be familiar with our own traditions, there are a wide variety of holiday traditions that families celebrate throughout the world. Check out these four unique holiday traditions celebrated near and far.  

Fireplace Teleport

In Great Britain, children write letters to Santa and throw them in the back of their home’s fireplace. The idea is that the draft in the fireplace will carry their letters all the way to the North Pole.

Mango Madness

In the predominantly Hindu and Muslim country of India, those who celebrate Christmas decorate fruit trees, such as mango and banana. Some people also cover their homes with the gorgeous mango leaves in celebration of the Christmas season.

The Good Luck Mare

In Wales, the Grey Mare (also referred to as “Mari Lwyd”) and a contingent of revelers knock at the homes of residents singing and challenging residents to rhyming contests. If the Grey Mare wins, he or she is to gain entry to the home or pub for a drink. The entry is also thought to signal good luck.

A Burning Mountain

In Guatemala, residents collect trash from their homes and pile it into a mountain on the street. The pile of trash is topped with a devil effigy and set ablaze in a ceremonial cleansing ritual to deter evil spirits and to usher the Christmas season.

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