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4 Ways Commercial Kitchen Equipment Can Increase Efficiency

Working in a professional kitchen takes years of experience. Not only must employees utilize a variety of techniques to create delicious meals for diners, but they must do so efficiently. In fact, efficiency is consistently rated one of the top factors customers care about most when dining out. Whether you’re a chef, kitchen manager or hold another position in a commercial kitchen setting, read on to learn four ways commercial equipment can increase efficiency in the kitchen.

1. Cook Food Faster

Many restaurants serve hundreds of customers each day. Hundreds of customers means hundreds of meals need to be prepared each day too. In order to accommodate diners as efficiently, chefs need to be able to prepare meals fast. When it comes to preparing meals fast, commercial convection ovens are the way to go. Not only can these appliances cook large amounts of food, but they can do so significantly faster than a conventional oven can. How? Thanks to a small fan, heat is evenly distributed throughout the interior. This process reduce cold air bubbles around the food, ultimately speeding up the process while ensuring food is still cooked thoroughly.

2. Improve Taste and Quality of Meals

One of the biggest differences between conventional stoves and ovens and commercial options is the amount of control commercial options give chefs. Unlike conventional stoves and ovens, which tend to be limited in capabilities, commercial-grade options give chefs precise control over an array of settings. This way, chefs dish out restaurant-quality meals to their exact taste — improving kitchen efficiency as a result.

3. Keep Food Warm

Cooking is a delicate process because timing can be very difficult to master. Appetizers need to go out first, followed by entrees, which all need to arrive at the same time for diners. In many cases, restaurants just don’t have enough waiters and servers to continuously serve food right as it is finished. That’s where commercial-grade food warmers and holders come in. These appliances are essential because they keep food fresh in case there is any delay in the time the food is plated to when it arrives at the table.

4. Clean Dishware Quickly

Even though most restaurant kitchens stock enough pots, pans, and dishes to serve dozens of tables a night, some types of food are more difficult to clean off of dirty dishes. Commercial-grade dishwashers can clean numerous dishware items quickly and efficiently. This is crucial for kitchen staff as it means they can keep orders flowing, without worrying about running out of clean dishware.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services

No matter how efficient your team is, faulty cooking equipment can hold you back. If you need commercial kitchen equipment services, Quick Servant will be there promptly to perform a quick and efficient repair, maintenance or installation. We keep qualified technicians on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so your cooking equipment mishaps will never keep you out of the kitchen for long! Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment online.

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