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3 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Business

Did you know that August is Water Quality Awareness month? Considering water is our life force, it’s important that we do our part to ensure the water we consume is safe and that we don’t use more than we really need to. As a business owner or manager, you can play a large role in reducing excessive water consumption, which can have an extremely beneficial impact on the environment while saving you money in the process.

Not sure where to start? Read on to learn three ways you can start conserving water in your business today.

1. Raise Employee Awareness

Your employees may be unintentionally using more water at work than they really have to, which is why raising employee awareness about water conservation is a great place to start. Putting up signs that encourage employees to conserve water in the kitchen and restrooms can be a quick and easy reminder to help employees remain aware of how much water they are using.

2. Adjust Equipment to Use Less Water

In many instances, your business’s appliances (think toilets, dishwashers and the like), use more water than necessary to function. You can conserve water by adjusting your appliances to use less water. Some ideas from the Tualatin Valley Water District include:

– Discontinuing the use of continuous flows and reducing other intermittent discharges of water.
– Installing water saving devices to decrease consumption. These include toilet dams, flappers, flow reduction valves; faucet aerators; and cooling system devices.
– Using a water recycling system for chillers and cooling towers.
– Installing energy- and water-efficient air conditioning equipment.

3. Adopt Water-Saving Habits

There are lots of simple water-saving habits you and your employees can adopt to increase your water conservation habits. For starters, get in the habit of reading the water meters each week to monitor the success of your efforts. This not only gives insight to what is and isn’t working, but it can be a way to motivate employees to keep up the good work. Another easy water-saving habit to form is routinely checking for leaks, and repairing leaks right away if you uncover one. Small efforts like using a broom to clean sidewalks rather than the hose also make a big impact when it comes to saving water.

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