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5 New Year's Resolutions Homeowners Should Make

5 New Year’s Resolutions Homeowners Should Make

Do you live in the Delmarva area? Are you a homeowner who is ready to take the next big steps in the New Year? Do you want to ring in 2016 with an eye on home improvement and happiness? If you’re ready to make a few great New Year’s resolutions that have real sticking power, then read our quick guide of “5 New Year’s Resolutions Homeowners Should Make.” Let’s get started with the new year!

Resolution #1: Start Small

Homeowner’s New Year’s resolutions work the same way as personal resolutions. If you’re going to accomplish them and not get discouraged, you need to start small. So make a list of goals you have for your home, and then thoughtfully cross off the ones you know are not manageable. Decide on three to five goals that you truly feel you can accomplish in the year, and stick to those.

Resolution #2: Plant a Garden

Research has shown that when you “green” your space, you can experience great psychological benefits. So whether you plant an indoor herb garden or a larger-scale outdoor garden, get to work on creating a green space that delights.

Resolution #3: Your Walls are Your Canvas

When you can’t take on big and expensive home renovation projects, you can add simple updates to your home simply by painting a room with a new paint color. Try something new and different this year. Your wall are your canvas and you can always paint them back if you decide you don’t like what you’ve done.

Resolution #4: Replace the Old with the New

Choose one piece of furniture that is old and outdated and replace it with something new. No, you may not have the budget to completely overhaul your decor, but one nice piece will do wonders for your space!

Resolution #5: Call Quick Servant

One thing that you don’t want to go wrong in the new year is to have your HVAC system go out…especially in those chilly temperatures in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. Call Quick Servant to have your HVAC system professionally inspected, tuned and ready for the new year. Quick Servant’s team of professionals will make sure you are well prepared for the winter season and beyond!