5 Reasons to Schedule Maintenance for Your Heater

5 Reasons to Schedule Maintenance for Your Heater

While you may perform regular maintenance on your home’s heater, it’s a good idea to schedule a professional inspection at least twice a year. Even if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, there are benefits that come with professional help.

1. Test for Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Heating systems can leak carbon monoxide, but unless you know exactly what to look for, you’d never notice. Considering carbon monoxide exposure can be deadly, it’s important to ensure your heating system is functioning properly. A professional will inspect your heating system for signs of this problem and repair the issue if he or she discovers one.

2. Proper Cleaning

No matter how well you clean your heating system, there are certain areas you likely overlook, such as the combustion chamber. A professional will clean out the combustion chamber using a brush, freeing up any soot that may cling to the walls. The technician will then inspect the walls for any corrosion before shutting the cover.

3. Replacing the Oil Filter

You may know how to replace the air filter, but certain types of heaters use oil filters. This prevents particles from reaching the oil-burning nozzle, which can compromise the efficiency of the system. Your service professional can inspect the oil filter and change it if necessary, in addition to disposing of the dirty filter in a way that is environmentally safe.

4. Protect the Warranty

Many heating system have fine print in the warranty that says improper maintenance will void it. Is it worth it to risk invalidating your warranty to try to fix a problem yourself?

5. Heating Systems Should Be Inspected Twice a Year

A heating system should be inspected at the beginning of winter, before you begin using it, and at the end of the season. This will give you an idea of the amount of wear and tear a single season takes on your equipment and give you an idea of what to look forward to the next year.

Schedule Professional Maintenance With Quick Servant

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