How to Clean an Espresso Machine

How to Clean an Espresso Machine

Coffee is a wonderful thing and is something many of us enjoy from the moment we wake up through the end of our workday. According to a study performed by Zagat, the average American drinks 2.1 coffee drinks a day; a number that only increases with age. So, if you run a commercial kitchen and are charged with maintaining a commercial coffee or espresso machine, you want to ensure everything continues to operate at peak performance. Keep customers happyand caffeinatedwith this Quick Servant how-to guide for cleaning your commercial kitchen or office espresso machine.

You should clean your commercial espresso machine and coffee grinder each day after closing. The whole process should only take 10 minutes or less, and you will enjoy long-run benefits of customer satisfaction and longevity of your equipment.

3 Reasons to Keep Your Espresso Machine Clean

+ Splatters and other grime residue on your equipment may turn customers and patrons away.

+ The accumulation of coffee resins from oil on shower screens and group heads will alter the flavor and quality of your espresso beverages, making for a bitter taste. The oil in your coffee can turn rancid in as little as 45 minutes.

+ Mineral scales will accumulate on the internal parts of your commercial espresso machine without the regular cleaning. This is another reason you may also want to consider investing in a water softener.

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Step 1. Scrub, Rinse, Wipe

Run a clean cloth under hot water and wipe off your steam wands, cleaning off any milk that’s been scorched on the want. Be careful not to scrape the wand with anything sharp, as it’s made of stainless steel and can become scratched.

Use coffee detergent and scrubbing pads for cleaning down the group heads. If detergent comes in contact with any internal parts of the espresso machine, it can affect the taste so be sure to prevent this from happening.

Step 2. Soak in Coffee Detergent

Soak all grouphead parts, including filters, baskets, shower screens and steam wands. The tip of the steam wands should unscrew. Soak all parts in a solution of coffee detergent and hot water.

In regards to your steam wands, it’s crucial that you purge them of any leftover milk and water after every cup. If milk drains back into the boiler, it can remain there forever.

Step 3. Backflush

This only applies if you have an espresso machine with three-way valves. If so, you should backflush the machine at least once a day with clean water, and backflush using coffee detergent at least once a week. This process helps loosen and destroy any contaminants within the machine’s water lines and brewing valves.

Step 4. Descaling a Commercial Coffee Machine

If you use properly filtered watered for your machine, a full descaling of your commercial espresso maker should be done once every three to six months. It’s essential to use filtered water for your espresso.

Water that is harder than 50 parts per million (ppm) will allow for the mineral buildup of calcium and magnesium deposits (limescale) on all the interior components of your machine. Eventually, this will lead to unnecessary repair costs or expensive and premature replacement costs.

Step 5. Repeat

Make sure you maintain your equipment on a regular basis. Not only will customers enjoy the great taste they’ve come to love from your establishment, but you’ll enjoy the absence of equipment repair and replacement costs.

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