5 Things Harming Your Indoor Air Quality

5 Things Harming Your Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality that you experience daily can impact your life in many ways. From your health to the amount of cleaning that you must perform regularly, the pollutants in the air can make a substantial difference. Knowing exactly what obstacles you face when improving your indoor air quality can help you devise practical solutions to help you cultivate a healthier home.

1. Radon

Radon is a serious pollutant and a radioactive gas. It enters homes and buildings through the ground and certain building materials that are common in construction. Our normal senses can’t detect this gas, and while prolonged exposure often doesn’t show any immediate symptoms, long-term exposure can increase your risk for lung cancer and other respiratory conditions.

2. Biological Dangers

Mildew, insects, pets and microbes can all be causes of indoor air pollution. The presence of biological pollutants can contribute to the flu, asthma and other health conditions. While your home can’t ever be entirely rid of these pollutants, using your HVAC system to help reduce moisture and filter out dust can go a long way.

3. Carbon

Carbon monoxide is another major presence in many indoor spaces. It is released into the air from sources like heaters, gas stoves, furnaces and chimneys. Prolonged exposure to this odorless and tasteless gas lowers your energy levels, causes headaches, and detracts from physical coordination.

4. Asbestos

While this material is no longer in use in modern building practices, it is still a major concern for air quality in older homes. The small fibers can easily be released into the air where they can cause damage to the lungs and body in small increments over time.

5. Volatile Organic Compounds

Also known as VOCs, these gases are brought into our homes through cleaning products, paints, aerosol cans and some types of building materials. VOCs can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat and have been proven to lead to nausea and dizziness with prolonged exposure.

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