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5 Tips for Hosting a New Year's Eve Party

5 Tips for Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is all about coming together with friends and having a great time. If you’re hosting a party you should aim to spend as much of the evening with your guests as possible, rather than dashing around the kitchen or worrying about insignificant details. Here are five tips to help you host an unforgettable, stress free New Year’s Eve celebration.


Serve an assortment of appetizers, small bites, and miniature desserts instead of a sit down meal. Your guests will get to try a variety of good food and can mingle during the entire party, plus you won’t have to go through the time or expense of preparing a full course dinner.


Turn down the lights and use candles to create an intimate atmosphere. Candles give off a gorgeous glow and really set the mood during holiday celebrations, and you can find a nice assortment in every price range. You don’t have to use scented versions, and can even opt to scatter plain tea lights around your home.


Have several traditional props on hand for celebrating and taking pictures. Feather boas, noise makers, and novelty glasses will give your party a fun, festive vibe.


Don’t forget to serve non-alcoholic beverages. Champagne and mixed drinks are fixtures at any New Year’s Eve gathering, but having other options on hand are great for guests who don’t want any alcohol. Having non-alcoholic drinks on hand will also lower your expenses.

Plan Ahead, Stay Safe

Keep a list of willing designated drivers, and be prepared to call a cab or take home any guests who have had a bit much to drink. As a party host, it’s always better to plan for all scenarios.

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