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5 Ways a Humidifier Can Improve Where You Work

Does the air in your office or workplace always seem a little too dry for comfort? A humidifier might just be your new best friend. Aside from making the air all-around comfier, the addition of a humidifier touts lots of other benefits too (think healthier employees and increased productivity!). Check out five benefits below.

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1. Extra sinus relief and reduced nosebleeds.

Do you suffer from an incessant case of the sniffles? Frequent nosebleeds? If so, an overly dry indoor climate could be to blame. In fact, chronic runny nose, sneezing and congestion can be triggered by changes in temperature and humidity — something known as “nasal cooling.” The easy cure? Adding a humidifier. This will increase the amount of moisture in the air, which can clear sinuses, making it easier to breathe, and stopping those pesky nosebleeds.

2. Reduce the risk of various infections.

The flu is a big problem when it hits the workplace, and can result in sick days and decreased productivity as a result. But increasing the humidity level in the workplace to 43 percent or more can significantly reduce the ability of airborne viruses to cause flu infections!

3. Makes skin softer and helps prevent chapped lips.

Humidifiers help keep skin soft and prevent dryness and cracking. This is especially helpful during the winter months when skin is more prone to dryness.

4. Keep plants alive.

Don’t have a green thumb? Fear not. Adding a little humidity to the workplace can help perk up wilted plants. Don’t have plants in the workplace? You should! Certain plants purify the air naturally.

5. Reduce electric shock.

We tend to not think about electric shock. That is until we touch something and that sharp ping goes through our body. No one likes this feeling, and less moisture in the air can make static shock worse. Adding a humidifier to your workplace and keeping humidity levels around 40 to 50 percent can help reduce this issue.

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