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6 Ways AC is Changing Sustainability

6 Ways AC is Changing Sustainability

When air conditioning was invented in 1902, it changed the way we lived. But although air conditioning is one of the most convenient inventions of the last century, there’s no doubt that cooling and heating require a significant amount of energy. Fortunately, air conditioning is constantly evolving and becoming more and more sustainable. Check out these six interesting links about air conditioning and sustainability from around the web.

1. Are your energy bills inexplicably high? Your air conditioner might be inefficient.

2. Could a breakthrough cut 90% of the electricity required for cooling?

3. Four simple steps to make your air conditioning system more efficient.

4. Air conditioners with higher SEER ratings are a more sustainable option than low-SEER systems.

5. Natural home cooling is easier than you may think.

6. Scheduling routine maintenance with an HVAC professional is a convenient way to make your AC more efficient.

Air conditioning continues to evolve and become more sustainable as newer technologies are invented. In the meantime, you can improve the efficiency of your AC and lessen its impact on the environment by calling the professionals at Quick Servant.

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