7 Energy-Saving Tips for Commercial Kitchens

7 Energy-Saving Tips for Commercial Kitchens

Do you have high energy costs associated with your commercial kitchen? If so, there are myriad ways you can start lowering your energy costs with just a few simple tips and tricks. 

Commercial Energy Saving Tips

1. If you haven’t already, investing in energy-efficient appliances can garner your business significant savings on energy costs.

2. Maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment is so important if you want your equipment to function efficiently for years to come. Preventative maintenance on refrigeration alone for example, can save you hundreds each year on energy and repair costs.

3. Use energy-efficient lighting to save up to 20 percent on your annual energy costs.

4. Conserve water and reduce the cost of hot water by controlling and monitoring your water temperatures.

5. Install an energy-efficient air conditioning system as well as energy-efficient vent hoods.

6. Rearrange your kitchen with the help of the energy-efficient kitchen tool to insure proper location of your appliances. This will help you maximize your energy savings.

7. Establish a startup and shutdown schedule that can track the amount of energy being used.

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