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7 Interesting Things About Air Filters

7 Interesting Things About Air Filters

The air filter in our HVAC systems has a big job to do. After all, the air filter is constantly working to rid the air of all those nasty pollutants that hinder the quality of the air inside our homes. Need a mini air filter lesson? Check out these seven interesting and informative links from around the web:

1. A guide to air cleaners by the Environmental Protection Agency.

2. Everything you need to know about changing your air filter.

3. How to change your air filter, plus eight more things you need to know about air conditioning.

4. Have allergies? Certain air filters can help to reduce the allergens in your home.

5. Three different types of air filters and which is right for you.

6. An easy guide to MERV ratings and filter testing.

7. This easy tutorial shows you how to change an air filter.

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