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8 Links to Help You Beat the Heat This Weekend

8 Links to Help You Beat the Heat This Weekend

Summer may be coming to an end, but there’s no doubt that it’s still hot outside. In the meantime while we wait for cooler days and nights, here are eight links from around the web that can help you beat the heat this weekend.

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…And these 27 ingenious ways to stay cool this summer.

Wearing loose-fitting clothing, light colors and clothing made of cotton can help you keep cool indoors and outdoors.

Would you ever chill your jeans in the freezer to keep cool?

Is your current air conditioner just not getting the job done? Here are four signs it’s time to upgrade your system.

Regularly maintaining your air conditioner can keep you comfortable year round. Here’s what you can expect during an AC maintenance checkup.

Humidity can make your home feel even hotter. Learn why your home is humid and what you can do to reduce the humidity here.

And last but not not least: Labor day is coming up. Keep cool with one of these 16 drinks.

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