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9 Ways to Share Valentine's Day With Your Customers

9 Ways to Share Valentine’s Day With Your Customers

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to apply to your significant other; you can share it with your customers, too! If you are wondering how to use this holiday to boost your restaurant business, below are nine proven methods you can use to involve your patrons on Valentine’s Day.

#1 Have a Party

Parties are usually reserved for winter holidays, but why not host a party over Valentine’s Day? You can invite all of your employees, family members and can even give your customers an opportunity to join in on the festivities. Send out an RSVP email newsletter and then plan accordingly for your guests. This is a great way to get to know your staff and your patrons.

#2 Reach out to Naysayers

There are plenty of people who dislike Valentine’s Day. Why not reach out to those who have a bad taste in their mouth? Doing this can actually change their negative stigma of the day into a positive one. Reach out to those customers who may not typically celebrate cupid’s holiday and help make their day pleasant.

#3 Thank Loyal Customers

Sending cards, flowers, chocolates or whatever else you deem appropriate to your most loyal customers is a fantastic gesture to show your appreciation. This is especially true for those customers who have been patrons for many years.

#4 Send an Email

Sharing kind words over email correspondence around Valentine’s Day is a great way to show you care. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top. Thank them for their business and wish them a wonderful holiday.

#5 Add Extra to Their Visit

Giving your customers a small gift when they come to your business will go far in showing them just how much you appreciate them. They will not be expecting anything, but the gift will reinforce why they love your business so much.

#6 Share Interesting Facts

If you have a business page on Facebook or another platform, posting interesting facts about Valentine’s Day can really engage your customers. This is another great way to interact on a personal level with those who enjoy your business.

#7 Offer Special Promotions

Everybody loves a deal, right? Having discounted items on Valentine’s Day brings people in by the droves. This is especially true if you have a restaurant. The holiday can be a great opportunity to increase your customer base and satisfy your current customers.

#8 Ask Questions

Asking your customers questions about their best Valentine’s Day experience on social media or on place cards is a fun way to get them excited about the holiday. You could even offer a prize for the best story.

#9 Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Create a welcoming entrance for customers by decorating your business with pink and red. Even changing the theme of your website for a day or two can be refreshing. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but a little flair goes a long way.

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