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A Brief History of Keeping the White House Cool

A Brief History of Keeping the White House Cool

The dog days of summer in Washington D.C. have been well-documented over the years. This is not surprising, as the Delmarva area is known for heat and humidity during warm weather months. What residents may not know, is that the tradition of having air conditioning in residential buildings was inspired by a former President of the U.S. In honor of President’s Day, let’s take a look at the history of keeping the White House cool.

A Terrible Year in History, but a Great Year for AC

Christmas Eve 1929 proved to be a truly trying time in American history. In addition to the Stock Market Crash of 1929, a fire damaged much of the White House. When major renovations to the West Wing began, it was decided that the installation of a new electrical system should include a cooling system too.

An Air-Conditioned Congress

In 1927, the Congressional Chamber was fitted with air conditioning units by the Carrier Corporation. Air-conditioned government buildings meant legislators could work in comfort even when local temperatures soared. Instead of leaving Washington D.C. for cooler regions during the summer, our government could remain in session all 12 months of the year.

The White House

With an air-conditioned office to work in, this trend towards year-round work included President Herbert Hoover as well. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt succeeded Hoover, he later had an AC system installed in the bedrooms of the White House; something First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt certainly appreciated.

AC for Everyone

While air conditioning services were available, they were mainly reserved for commercial buildings. Banners could even be seen proudly promoting “refrigerated” movie theaters. However within a decade, hotels, restaurants and cars on our nation’s railways were also kept cool. After World War II, it was now commonplace for private homes and apartment buildings to have air conditioning throughout their premises.

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