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BBQ Month: Great Picks and Tips for Grilling Season

Did you know May is National BBQ Month? With Florida’s warm weather season in full swing, now’s the time to fire up the grill and put these tips to work.

Essential BBQ Tips for The Grill

Clean: Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly.

Preheat: If you are using a coal-fired grill, light the coals at least 30 minutes prior to cooking. Wait until the fire has died down to glowing coals before placing any food items on the grill.

Cook: Cook meats to proper temperatures and double-check with a food thermometer. Let your meat rest for the specified amount of time, as the temperatures will continue to rise and kill away harmful germs. Serve hot food at around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and don’t leave any perishables out for more than two hours at room temperature.

Store: Refrigerate your delectable grilling cuisine within an hour of cooking. Anything that reaches a temperature of over 90 degrees Fahrenheit should always be refrigerated within one hour.

Want to learn more about the safe minimum cooking temperatures for different types of meats?

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