Commercial fridges

Why Is My Commercial Fridge Not Cooling?

If you happen to find your commercial fridge is not cold, there could be many causes. If your business loses power to the fridge, you could lose a lot of money in goods. You need to know these common problems and what to do about them.

Common Causes for Your Fridge Not Cooling

1. Loss of Power– Check to see if the outlet that your refrigerator is plugged into is providing power or not. To check the power of your outlet, you can use a volt meter to test if power is coming through.

2. On/Off Switch- This may seem like a no brainer but the power switch on the refrigerator can accidentally be switched off randomly. If this happens, the easy fix is to simply switch the button to the on position.

3. Thermostat- If your thermostat is not properly set, the refrigerator will not cool itself off. If you have just purchased a new device, the thermostat may not be set correctly. Make sure that the temperature is set in the recommended zone so that the refrigerator is not over working.

4. Frozen/Dirty Evaporator Coils- With time, the coils that create the cooling power of the refrigerator can become dirty or freeze over. If this happens, the efficiency of the refrigerator significantly decreases.

If you look into these and none seem to be the cause, you should call a professional to determine what is wrong. It is very important to keep your refrigerator in top shape with periodical maintenance. When your unit gets older, problems can become much more frequent, which is why maintenance is even more important.

Contact Quick Servant For Commercial Refrigerator Repair

At Quick Servant, we can help you with a wide variety of cooling needs. From air conditioners to commercial refrigerators, we can do it all. When any kind of commercial refrigeration breaks down, you are taking a risk of losing inventory which equates to money. If you have not had maintenance performed on your unit recently, or seem to have any problem with your refrigerator, contact us so that we can get your machine fixed and save you money. We want to keep your machine running like new so call us today to learn more about our services!