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Commercial Kitchen Equipment vs. Conventional

When it comes to kitchen equipment, many assume the only difference between commercial and conventional appliances is size — which is why smaller cafes and restaurants often think they can rely on the latter option to prepare food. Beyond size however, there are lots of factors that make commercial kitchen equipment significantly different from conventional. Ultimately, if your restaurant has been attempting to get by with conventional cooking equipment, you might want to consider upgrading. Read on to the learn some of the biggest differences between the two as well as benefits of upgrading your equipment.

Volume, Quality and Safety

For starters, commercial kitchen equipment is significantly different when it comes to volume. While most home stovetops, ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers are made to prepare, store and clean a few meals at a time, restaurant kitchens must be able to serve dozens (or even hundreds!) of diners every night.

Quality is another factor that separates commercial from conventional. Most home chefs don’t need to use their kitchen appliances for more than a couple hours a day. Commercial kitchens on the other hand may use certain appliances continuously, which is why they are often made from heavy-duty material like iron or stainless steel.

Another differing factor is safety. Commercial health codes vary city by city but tend to be strict when it comes to food safety. Due to strict health codes, commercial kitchen equipment is designed to always cook food thoroughly to prevent food poisoning and other food-related illnesses.

Benefits of Upgrading to Commercial Cooking Equipment

Upgrading from conventional to commercial cooking equipment can be intimidating due to the price tags commercial cooking equipment often touts. Investing in commercial-grade cooking equipment however can be extremely beneficial to you and your business. Just a few of the benefits of upgrading include:

      • -Improved food quality
      • -Improved food safety
      • -Produce a larger quantity of food
      • -Increased efficiency
      • -Reduced energy costs
      • -More environmentally friendly
      • -Decreased production time with automation
      • -Produce unique menu items


Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services

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