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Commercial Refrigerator Care & Cleaning

Every piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen is essential to running a successful business, but the refrigerators play an especially critical role in keeping food fresh and producing a quality product for your customers. The best way to enjoy many years of trouble-free service from a commercial refrigerator is to keep them well maintained and in good working order.

Here are some great tips for keeping your food establishment’s refrigerators in great condition.

Set A Regular Cleaning Schedule

Because kitchen operations get so busy, it is a good idea to set up a regular cleaning routine for your refrigerators, so this important task is not overlooked. Take everything out of the unit and place it in another cooler before you start the cleaning process.

Use a non-abrasive, but sturdy brush and a bucket of soapy warm water to scrub the inside of the refrigerator. You can even use a bit of vinegar for an extra touch of cleanliness. If the drawers and shelves can be removed, it really helps to soak them for a couple of hours to loosen any hardened stains or spills.

Keeping the outside of the unit clean is important too. Be careful not to use any harsh cleaning products, as they can easily scratch surfaces such as stainless steel. If you need to use a degreaser, find one that will do a good job, but is gentle on delicate finishes.

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Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

A commercial refrigerator’s condenser coil is vital to the unit’s ability to keep its contents cold. Most equipment makers suggest that the coil should be cleaned every 90 days. Most condenser coils on larger refrigerators are mounted on the back of the unit. After unplugging the power, you can use a light bristle brush to remove most of the dust and dirt that has accumulated. Then follow up with a good vacuuming to finish the job.

The evaporator coil should also be cleaned, as its main job is to absorb heat as warm air moves through the refrigeration system. In addition, make sure that the area surrounding the coil is free of any dirt and clutter, so it can operate efficiently.

How To Check Refrigerator Door Seals & Air Filter

The door gaskets on a commercial refrigerator play a dual role. They keep warm air from coming in and prevent cool air from leaking out. Be sure to keep your door gaskets clean and in good condition. Look for any cracks or breaks that might cause a refrigeration unit to work too hard and possibly overheat. In addition, a broken gasket can be very expensive in terms of wasted energy costs and potential food spoilage. If you suspect that your refrigerator’s door gaskets are leaking, have them replaced right away.

Finally yet importantly, don’t forget to change the unit’s air filter on a regular schedule, as recommended by the manufacturer. The filter plays a major role in providing the air circulation that your refrigerator needs to operate properly. Clogged filters cause air obstructions, which can prematurely wear out fan motors and other components.

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