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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

There’s a lot going on in your commercial kitchen. From the fryers to the ovens to the dishwashers, each appliance is a vital component to your restaurant’s operation. If just one piece of equipment acts up, it could hinder your restaurant and staff’s ability to produce quality food. With regular preventive commercial kitchen equipment maintenance, however, you can keep your cooking equipment in tip top shape and reduce the risk of running into a surprise breakdown.

We know your restaurant depends on the performance of your cooking equipment to get the job done. Quick Servant is here to help your equipment perform at its best.

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4 Benefits of Keeping a Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Here are just some of the benefits of signing up for Quick Servant’s preventive maintenance program:

1. Prevent costly, inconvenient breakdowns. When your cooking equipment breaks down, the cost of repair isn’t the only expense you incur. You lose time, loyal customers and maybe even your reputation, all of which costs you money in the end. Most breakdowns happen unexpectedly, but with regular preventive maintenance from Quick Servant, you can minimize the risk of getting caught in the lunch rush with a broken fryer.

2. Prolong the life of your equipment. Your cooking equipment was a big investment, so you want to get as many years out of it as you can. When you have your appliances regularly serviced and tuned by a trained professional, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your equipment.

3. Improve efficiency. Some appliances, such as coffee machines and other appliances that use water, are prone to limescale build up. When these appliances are not properly cleaned and delimed, they won’t function as efficiently. Additionally, any drain lines that become clogged with debris or burners that acquire grease buildup may compromise your kitchen’s efficiency. Grease buildup can even lead to fires! Schedule regular preventive maintenance to keep your equipment running efficiently and safely.

4. Maintain a cleaner, healthier kitchen. Even more important than serving good food is serving safe food! When your kitchen appliances aren’t properly maintained, they can become dirty, dingy and covered with germs. While the exterior parts of your appliances are easy to keep clean, some internal parts are tricky to access. The Quick Servant team has the necessary tools and techniques to make sure your cooking equipment is safe and healthy to use.

Let Quick Servant Handle Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

In recognizing each restaurant’s individuality, we offer preventive maintenance programs tailored to your schedule, budget and the specific needs of your commercial kitchen. Give us a call today at (888) 238-4133 and we’ll work out a plan that makes the most sense for you!