Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Food industry professionals know that keeping products cool and fresh is crucial to success. When refrigerators and freezers aren’t working, business suffers. The professionals at Quick Servant offer expert commercial refrigeration repair to keep your restaurant, bar or food service company up and running. There’s nothing worse than an equipment breakdown. When refrigeration units leak into food compartments or freezers permeate excessive frost, you lose products and money.

For over 40 years, our qualified technicians have repaired refrigeration equipment from all of the top manufacturers at restaurants big and small. Our team can provide top-notch repair services that restore your machines to proper working condition.

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Graphic of a fan blade24/7 Commercial Refrigeration Emergency Repairs

Often, food service businesses require assistance at inopportune times. That’s why Quick Servant offers 24/7 emergency repair services that are fast and reliable and we have the capability to fix your machines 365 days a year. If your best refrigerator breaks down at a corporate holiday event or you need a quick repair to save food in your freezer for the dinner rush, we can provide emergency service to keep your business moving forward.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Quick Servant is known for quality commercial refrigeration repair services, but our team is also fully-equipped to complete essential maintenance tasks. Regular maintenance can ensure your kitchen equipment lasts longer and runs more efficiently.

The best way to fix a refrigeration issue is to stop it from occurring in the first place. By signing up for our maintenance program, you can rest assured that your freezers, coolers and other refrigeration equipment will perform at their best. We clean drain lines, inspect coolant, repair leaks and replace coils, door gaskets and compressor motors, along with numerous other parts.

Our staff can help you extend the longevity of your equipment with scheduled maintenance that is performed by professional technicians.

Emergency Commercial Services

Commercial Refrigeration Replacement

Sometimes, it just makes sense to replace an old commercial refrigeration unit with a new one.

At Quick Servant, we offer the latest commercial refrigeration products and have a large selection to choose from. You rely on proper refrigeration to keep food safe. Whether it’s time to replace a reach-in refrigerator or you’re looking to install a new walk-in cooler, our team provides the commercial refrigeration installation services to get the job done.

While the expense of new machines can be intimidating, we make sure to only offer competitive pricing without hidden costs or service fees.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure you are covered with comprehensive warranties as even the highest quality equipment may experience issues from time to time.

We offer authorized warranty service for all major brands and are available to replace and install:

  • Walk-in coolers and freezers of all sizes.
  • Reach-in coolers and freezers for all manufacturers.
  • Bar, undercounter and outdoor coolers and freezers.
  • Ice machines of all sizes and manufacturers.
  • Frozen beverage and soft serve ice cream machines.

Sign Up for a Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Plan

Your commercial kitchen relies on professional refrigeration to be productive. Without it, you lose time and money. Make commercial refrigeration breakdowns a thing of the past by planning ahead with a custom maintenance plan designed specifically for your needs.

Whether your food operation is large or small, we recommend that our qualified service technicians visit your establishment at least twice per year to complete your maintenance plan.

From inspection to repair and replacement, we’ll ensure your commercial refrigeration is working efficiently to keep your food fresh and safe.
What can our maintenance plan do for your business?

  • It will allow you to keep more money in your pocket, by prolonging the life of your units.
  • The plan will connect you with Quick Servant technicians who can easily complete inspections and offer personalized advice.
  • Bi-annual maintenance will help us recognize necessary repairs and complete routine replacements, heading-off issues that could become costly without prevention.

Get on our commercial refrigeration maintenance schedule today and make your investment last. Our team has the tools and knowledge to keep your units in top working order for years to come.

Local Commercial Refrigeration Repair, Maintenance & Replacement

You’re under a time crunch and you’ve just typed in: “commercial refrigeration repair near me.” Look no further, Quick Servant is here to help! We are proud to provide our services across the Delmarva Peninsula and we’ll make sure you are 100 percent satisfied before the job is done.

Give us a call at (888) 238-4133 to speak with one of our friendly team members or schedule a service appointment. We are ready to help you with all of your commercial refrigeration needs.

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Mike Luskey

I run a fast-food restaurant and use Quick Servant for many things. They are very professional and always get it done right the first time.I highly recommend them !!!!!!!

France S.

Update: Management with the company took the time to contact me to resolve the issue. They listened to my issues and worked to resolve them. I am happy with the outcome. They came out to my place of business to repair a refrigerated unit.