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Common Building Maintenance Problems

An efficient and sustainable facilities management plan relies heavily on proper programming and accountability. Management of each building must retain strong relationships with commercial building repair and maintenance professionals so construction and contracting needs can be taken care of when issues arise.

There are a wide variety of common problems that can arise in a commercial building, from cosmetic issues to internal complications. Some of these matters can become extremely costly if proper building repair maintenance is not performed as prescribed.

General commercial building maintenance problems include:

  • Damaged or discolored drywall, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) paneling, or tile.
  • A lapse in following the latest building code and health department requirements.
  • Inefficient or broken doors and other closers.
  • Needed metal connections requiring welding or general fabrication.
  • Replacement or repair of dumpster receptacles and dumpster receptacle holding areas.
  • Machine breakdowns.

When one or more of these issues arise, facilities management coordinators can run into even bigger issues if inefficiencies linger or go unnoticed. Your equipment is a major source of high energy costs, but you could also be losing money with in-house repair.  Outsourcing building repair services to professionals can amount to significant savings.

Emergency Commercial Services

Common Utilities Problems

No matter what kind of business your commercial building houses, creating a successful work environment is difficult to achieve if you have ongoing utilities problems. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, you need to consult a commercial HVAC company and those with extensive knowledge in repair and replacement of electrical and plumbing systems:

  • HVAC problems (g., too little or too much airflow, pilot light failures, clogs, loud or malfunctions systems, high energy, etc.)
  • Electricity problems (e.g., shorts, surges, dips in power, high electricity bills, etc.)
  • Water problems (e.g., drainage, pooling, flooding, leaking, water pressure changes, high water bills, etc.)

Utilities problems like these can become expensive quickly, and they also cause safety hazards to employees and guests of the building. Facilities management leadership has the difficult task of keeping building management costs under control and being proactive to avoid such issues is key to remaining financially solvent.

Building Repair Services

We know that you may not have time to keep track of all of your commercial building’s maintenance requirements. That’s why the dedicated professionals at Quick Servant are here to help. We offer the following services to keep your facilities running smoothly:

Here are just a few of the reasons why we’ve been trusted to assist with building repair and maintenance services:

  • Provider of clearly labeled information and accurate data for efficient record keeping.
  • Transparent maintenance inspector that gives clear communication about machine life spans and building recommendations.
  • Fast and efficient building repair maintenance visits that ensure the job is done right the first time.
  • Clean and courteous service technicians.

Your Trusted Commercial Building Maintenance Solution

Since 1979, the professionals at Quick Servant have been solving commercial building maintenance problems for facilities management professionals who have required a wide variety of solutions.

From utilities problems to HVAC issues and more, you can count on us for service 24/7, 365 days a year. We are proud to offer services to an extensive selection of building managers across the Delmarva Peninsula in Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.

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