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How a Humidification System Can Improve Your Business’s Comfort

When most people think of humidity, they immediately think of discomfort. You know, those hot, muggy summer days that cause your shirt to stick to your back and your hair to frizz like prom night in the ‘80s. However, while too much humidity can cause discomfort, humidity is actually an important factor in keeping your business comfortable too. Having too little moisture in the air inside your business can lead to damage, decreased HVAC efficiency and even health issues. On the other hand, when maintained at just the right level, humidity comes with a variety of benefits to your home, comfort level and health.

If your business is suffering from inadequate humidity, a humidification system can help! Learn more about how these devices work to prevent the issues associated with excessively dry air.

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The Effects of Excess Indoor Humidity

How Humidity Affects Your Business: Too little humidity in your business can lead to damaged walls and woodwork. Wallpaper and paint may crack and wood floors and furniture may warp due to dryness. Low humidity also subjects your electronics to a greater risk of damage from static electricity.

How Humidity Affects Your Employee’s Health: Dry air gives way for viruses to linger in your business, which can increase your employee’s chances of developing colds and other illnesses. It can also cause nosebleeds, eye, throat irritation and dry, itchy skin. For those with asthma and allergies, too little humidity can make symptoms worse.

What Is a Humidification System?

A humidification system is designed to add humidity to the air inside your business and maintain it at just the right level. These devices can be installed inline with your HVAC system and controlled with a device similar to a thermostat. There are several different types of humidification systems, but they all operate by adding moisture to the air in the form of water vapor.

Ok, but what should my business’s humidity levels be? We’re glad you asked! For maximum comfort and health benefits, you want generally want to keep indoor humidity levels above 30 percent, but 40 to 50 percent is ideal.

How a Humidification System Can Save You Money

Humidity makes you feel warmer. So, when there’s not enough humidity in your business, you may have to crank up your heating system a little higher to create a comfortable environment. And the higher your set your thermostat, the more money you end up spending on energy. In addition, low levels of humidity can increase the likelihood of your employee’s getting sick. Sick days = limited productivity!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you can save 4 percent on your heating bill for every 1 degree you lower your thermostat. So, by maintaining an adequate humidity level in your business, you’ll be able to keep the temperature a little lower while still feeling warm and cozy.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of a Humidification System Today!

For business owners in the Delmarva area dry air is no stranger. If your business’s humidity level is not somewhere between 30 and 50 percent, you may be throwing away money on your monthly bills while trying to stay cool. Not to mention, you could be exposing your business and your health to the harmful effects of low humidity. At Quick Servant, we offer a variety of humidification systems, so there’s sure to be one to fit your business’s specific needs. Give us a call to learn more about our humidification systems or schedule service online today.

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