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How Sustainable Foodservice Can Boost Your Restaurant Profits

How Sustainable Foodservice Can Boost Your Restaurant Profits

Restaurants can cater up to thousands of guests every year. They use high heats to bake, broil and fry foods. They install the perfect mood lighting in the front of the house, and bright fluorescents in the back of the house. It’s no wonder that restaurants can also waste huge amounts of energy every year. Find out how your restaurant could cut down on costs by cutting down on consumption.

#1 Detect Superfluous Energy Consumption

Find out where your restaurant’s energy is going. It might not be going toward keeping your food fresh all night in the freezer or powering your stove. Often times, restaurants are overpaying on energy costs for faulty equipment or unnecessary expenses.

For instance, you might not know that your restaurant’s lights turn on in the middle of the night. Or, you may not realize your refrigerator is running at overcapacity and causing it to suck additional energy.

#2 Stop Wasting Money on Idle Services

After determining which appliances are sucking your energy and driving up your costs, eradicate the problem. You can switch to energy efficient appliances or fix the appliances that aren’t performing. If your lights are going on in the middle of the night, maybe you simply need to put your lights on a timer.

Your commercial HVAC system could be seriously outdated as well. Maintaining your HVAC system or upgrading to a newer, more efficient system can help keep your costs down and ensure you aren’t wasting precious electricity and gas.

#3 Impress Your Customers With Sustainable Foodservice Practices

Cutting down on energy costs not only saves you money, but it can also help save the environment. In an era that revolves around green living and farm-to-table fare, this mentality is an important factor to many customers. Taking energy consumption into consideration has created a better marketing platform for many chain restaurants. Your customers will appreciate your efforts and reward you with return visits.

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Cutting your restaurant’s energy costs can help save you money, yet it’s also a socially responsible action. To find out how you can reduce your restaurant’s heating and cooling costs, contact Quick Servant at (888) 238-4133.

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Restaurant Energy Use & Tips Infographic

Infographic by Powerhouse Dynamics, Inc.