How to Avoid Commercial Kitchen Mishaps

How to Avoid Commercial Kitchen Mishaps

As a chef or restaurateur, you know how important it is to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Every night that a customer is pleased is a night you make money for the future. So when you want to keep that pace and reputation, you’ve got to invest in preventing mishaps in your commercial kitchen. Here are three ways to avoid incurring big costs due to a lack of maintenance:

Clean, Clean, Clean Your Commercial Kitchen

After every employee shift, clean each of your commercial appliances thoroughly. You want to reduce the amount of grease and grime buildup throughout the kitchen to avoid a potential fire in the future. Making a habit out of cleaning up grease will pay it forward for you in the kitchen and at the bank.

Install Proper Ventilation

If you want to avoid the many problems associated with a hot and unproductive kitchen, then make sure your commercial kitchen is properly ventilated. With proper airflow, you’ll create a healthy environment for your employees, your expensive appliances, and the food you are producing. Contact a Commercial Food Equipment Service Association Certified Technician, like our team, for assistance.

Buy Appliances with a Warranty

Anything can go wrong with a commercial appliance. It is a machine after all, so make sure you purchase the warranties with every model. You’ll be able to replace your appliance that isn’t working properly with a new part — and sometimes with a new model.

Before a Kitchen Accident Occurs, Contact the Quick Servant Team!

We all know what it is like to face an emergency at work or at home. When things go badly, they can go really badly quick. That’s why it’s so important to help ensure the small problems in your commercial kitchen do not turn into workplace disasters. If you’re a business owner in the Delmarva-area, the Quick Servant team is ready to come to you. Contact us today.