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How to Get the Most out of Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

How to Get the Most out of Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Whether you own a quaint coffee shop or a 250-seat restaurant, maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment is an absolute must. When you skip the maintenance, not only are you running the risk of decreasing the lifespan of your kitchen equipment (are dollar signs flashing in your head yet?), but you also run the risk of serving your customers a subpar product — lose-lose.

Fortunately, maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment is easier than you think. Check out these quick and easy tips that will help you get the most out of your commercial kitchen equipment for years to come.  

How to Clean Your Coffee Machine

Where would we be without our beloved coffee? Probably still in bed, or at least half asleep at our desks. If you serve delicious caffeinated beverages at your establishment, it’s crucial that you keep your commercial coffee machine and grinder clean. While equipment styles vary, a good rule thumb is to do a routine cleaning of your machine every day after closing. The entire process typically takes no more than 15 minutes, so it is an easy chore to get in the habit of completing. How you clean your commercial coffee machine will depend on your specific make and model, so refer to your user manual.

How to Maintain Your Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers are one of the biggest purchases you will make for your kitchen, so proper maintenance is key to getting the most out of your investment. To effectively maintain your commercial dishwasher, regular cleanings shouldn’t be overlooked. Dishwashers contain numerous parts that are exposed to various food particles (think sump heaters, floats, actuators, wash arms, strainers and more), so it is important that these are cleaned on a regular basis to prevent buildup of food and limescale.   

Cleaning Your Oven

Maintaining your commercial oven is an easy way to reduce the risk of fire and ensure delicious-tasting food. To effectively maintain your oven, make sure you clean the oven’s interior each day by removing crumbs and excess food. The racks should also be removed and washed. Once a month, do a deep clean, making sure to scrub all food that has become baked onto the oven’s interior.

Monitor Your Refrigerator

Maintaining your commercial refrigerator can’t be stressed enough because if you don’t keep temperatures within the right zone, it can lead to food waste and affect customer safety. There are numerous things you can do to ensure your commercial refrigerator remains efficient, such as:

-Inspect the condenser coils each month to ensure they are clean.
-Check that the airflow is being circulated properly through the refrigerator.
-Clean the gaskets once per month.

Start Taking Care of Your Commercial Kitchen Today

Running a commercial kitchen is already hard enough — why not leave the maintenance to a professional? At Quick Servant, we offer preventative maintenance programs tailored to your unique business while keeping your schedule and budget in mind. If you are ready to get the most out of your commercial kitchen equipment and are located in the greater Maryland area, contact us today and we’ll work out a plan that makes the most sense for you!