How to Hire a Reliable HVAC Contractor

How to Hire a Reliable HVAC Contractor

Are you a homeowner in the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, or Washington, D.C., area? Are you needing a new HVAC system — or a company you can count on to service your current unit? Deciding who to hire can be a tricky enterprise, but there are a few steps you can take to help ensure you’re making the right decision. Follow our guide to get started:

Step #1: Factory-Direct Experience

Really great HVAC companies have technicians who have factory direct experience. That means the techs go on site to where the HVAC units are made in order to understand better how they operate. You want to contract with an HVAC company that goes to the factory because they will have seen your unit from the inside out.

Step #2: Continuing HVAC Education

Ask how often the heating and A/C team completes continuing education on new HVAC units. You want to hire a company that employs techs that not only know the basics but they are constantly gaining knowledge and building on already learned principles.

Step #3: Discounts and Rebates

What kinds of specials and rebates can your heating and cooling company offer you? Ask about money-back guarantees and service agreements as well. The price of an HVAC system is negotiable — just like a car — so you want to go with a company that will not only match you with a unit that fits your residential or commercial needs but also that fits your budget.

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