How to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen in Shape During the Busy Holiday Season

How to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen in Shape During the Busy Holiday Season

Are you a restaurateur or catering company owner in the Delmarva area? Do you love to cook so much that you installed a commercial kitchen in your home? Well the Julia Childs of the world know how much it takes to keep a commercial kitchen in top shape — and even more so during the holiday season, when you are cooking feasts for family and friends. Read our guide of the top four tips for keeping your kitchen in shape during the holidays. It’s time to get to work:

Tip #1: Clean As You Go

Don’t wait until your kitchen is a wreck to clean it up. By cleaning as you go, your commercial kitchen stays efficient and gorgeous. When you finish with a bowl, throw it in the dishwasher instead of letting it and other items pile up in your sink.

Tip #2: Organize Efficiently

Commercial kitchens often are huge, and there are many utensils and large equipment. So make sure everything has a place. You’ll create a routine for putting those items in their proper places, and you’ll always know where to find them when it gets busy and heated in the midst of cooking.

Tip #3: Replace On Time

Know the lifetime expectancy of your commercial equipment and keep an eye on the health of that equipment. You want to replace before something — like your commercial stove — breaks down, and you literally can’t cook your holiday feast. By paying attention to how your appliances are behaving, you’ll better know when they are acting up and what you need to do to plan ahead for new ones at the appropriate time.

Tip #4: Maintain Your Kitchen with Quick Servant

Quick Servant is ready to help all of our commercial kitchen owners in the Delmarva area. We specialize in the maintenance of commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment. Don’t wait until the holidays are upon you for something to break down. Contact us today to make sure your commercial kitchen is ready to shine during the holiday months!