How to Troubleshoot a Commercial Oven

How to Troubleshoot a Commercial Oven

Let’s face it, commercial ovens are a crucial part of any restaurant’s business. After all, when your commercial oven falters, it can stop business altogether. When it comes to keeping your commercial kitchen running as efficiently as possible, it’s best to be prepared to tackle problems when they arise. Not sure where to start? Learn three of the most common commercial oven problems, and how to quickly troubleshoot them below.

1. The pilot light won’t stay lit.

Pilot light won’t stay lit? Most commonly, this is caused by a thermocouple problem. First check to see if the thermocouple is directly in the flame; if it is not in the flame, the thermocouple will not get hot enough to open the safety valve. If the thermocouple is correctly placed and still giving you issues, then it is defective and needs immediate replacement.

2. There’s an issue with the thermostat.

Is your commercial oven not reaching the desired temperature? Or is the oven getting too hot? These common issues point to either a defective thermostat or an uncalibrated thermostat. To check for a properly calibrated thermostat, place a thermometer (one that you know is accurate) inside of the oven and set your thermostat to a desired temperature. If the burner flames go out before it reaches that desired temperature, or if your thermometer reads a significantly different temperature than what it is set for (anything greater than 5-10 degrees), your thermostat needs to be calibrated. Consult your owner’s manual for specific calibration steps.

3. The capillary tube needs to be replaced.

If you replace your thermostat, and your oven seems to be running unevenly, you may have an improperly-placed bulb. At the end of the capillary tube, there are clips that hold the bulb snugly into place. This bulb is responsible for keeping the oven temperature even. If this bulb is not clipped into place properly or is hanging freely, it can cause your oven to run unevenly.

Your restaurant may only be open for a few hours a day, but your cooking equipment can malfunction at any time. That’s why you need a team of experienced technicians on call who can perform speedy, reliable repairs when you need them. Need a professional to help? At Quick Servant, we offer 24/7 emergency repair services for your commercial cooking equipment and will get your business back up and running in no time. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment online.