Is My Heater Making Me Sick?

Is My Heater Making Me Sick?

3 Signs Your Heater is Making You Sick

With the fall season in full swing in the Baltimore area, your heating system is getting a good workout. But while your heating system helps you maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, it could be having a negative impact on your well-being in a number of ways as well. When it comes to keeping the air inside of your home not just comfortable, but healthy, your HVAC system is your first line of defense. And if your heating system isn’t working efficiently, it could be contributing to poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Learn more about the dangers below.

1. Recycling Particles in the Air

Many homes today are well-sealed to stop air from leaking outdoors. But while this can help save you money on your energy bills, it also means that very little fresh air from the outdoors can circulate throughout your home. Considering indoor air may contain everything from pet dander and dust to mold spores and bacteria, these particles can essentially be recycled and continuously circulated throughout your home. Investing in a quality air filter or an air filtration system is a great way to reduce the impact exposure to these particles can have on your health.

2. Humidity Problems

Heating systems can make your home excessively dry, which won’t necessarily make you sick, but it can irritate your skin, eyes, nose, throat and more. If you believe that your air is too dry, a humidification system can make your home more comfortable.  

3. The Carbon Monoxide Concern

Some heating systems can emit toxic carbon monoxide gas in your home. This gas can cause everything from confusion and muscle aches to death. Carbon monoxide is clear and odorless, so it can be difficult to detect. If you’re concerned about carbon monoxide, consider investing in a carbon monoxide detector that can alert you to the presence of this gas in your home.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

While your heating system is important to your health and well-being during the winter months, it also can make you sick if it’s not properly maintained. At Quick Servant, we want your home to be comfortable and, above all, safe. That’s why we provide HVAC products and services designed to improve the quality of the air inside of your home. Contact us today to learn how we can help or schedule an appointment online.