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National Trivia Day: HVAC Questions and Answers

Do you know the answers to these 10 fun questions about heating and cooling? Test your knowledge for National Trivia Day!

Who is the inventor of the modern air conditioner?

Answer: Willis Carrier invented the initial air conditioner prototype in 1902.

But weren’t fans around long before the 20th century?

Answer: Yes, Chinese artisans developed fans in AD 180, and the electric fan in 1882 by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler. Obviously, those inventions lacked the cooling, warming and dehumidifying power of modern heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

What is the origin of the term “summer blockbuster?”

Answer: That term came about when movie theaters began to get air conditioning — among the first public places — and patrons would flock to the theaters to see a movie in the summer to get out of the heat.

How much did an air conditioning window unit cost back then?

Answer: Back in the 1900s a unit was pricey — about $350. Adjusted for modern inflation, that equates to about $3,500 today!

How has air conditioning changed medicine?

Answer: Air conditioning has contributed to the advancement of much research, including on malaria and surprising bacterial formation in hospitals — as well as supporting infant survival.

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How have buildings changed over time with air conditioning?

Answer: You’ll find a lot more large buildings and skyscrapers instead of brick buildings with floor to ceiling glass walls. Some sports have also moved inside the comfort of an HVAC system.

If I leave my home for an extended period of time, should I turn off my heat?

Answer: No! You’ll put a strain on your heating system. Instead, just turn down your temperature a few degrees.

Is a programmable thermostat worth it?

Answer: Possibly! It certainly will let you adjust your temperature while away from home — which is handy if you left for vacation and forgot to turn down the heat! Learn more in this blog.

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