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New Year’s Resolutions for Commercial Kitchen Owners

Whether you own or manage a commercial kitchen, the New Year is the perfect time to make some resolutions for your cooking space. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to whip your commercial kitchen into shape in 2017.

Fix those small HVAC issues you’ve been putting off.

Not all air conditioning and heating problems are created equal. While some problems may cause your system to shut down completely, others may simply seem like more of an annoyance. But when it comes to minor commercial HVAC issues, you can only put off having them repaired for so long. Ultimately, small issues with your HVAC system can snowball into bigger (and more expensive) issues if not taken care of. So, if you’ve been putting off having a minor issue repaired, resolved to have it fixed this month!

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Schedule professional maintenance for your commercial refrigerators and freezers.

As a food industry professional, keeping products cool and fresh is crucial to success. After all, when your refrigerators or freezers aren’t working, you risk losing inventory and business. The best way to fix refrigeration issues is by preventing them from happening in the first place. That’s where professional maintenance comes in. At Quick Servant, we offer a preventive maintenance program designed to ensure your refrigerators and freezers are in top shape.

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Repair broken kitchen equipment.

Well-performing cooking equipment is crucial to your business’s success — so if you’ve been putting off repairing any of your kitchen equipment, make it a priority in 2017. When it comes down to it, if your cooking equipment consistently underperforms, so do the meals you prepare for your customers!

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Schedule building maintenance with a professional company.

As a commercial kitchen owner or manager, you want your building to look inviting and well maintained, but you likely have little time to focus on improving its appearance. Let’s face it — few of us have time to retile the floor or patch up drywall amidst working full time. That’s where professional building maintenance comes in. This year, rather than letting your space be subjected to more wear and tear, do yourself a favor and schedule building maintenance with a professional. It’ll be one less thing on your plate and you will love the results.

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Meet Your New Year’s Resolutions With Quick Servant

Having a reliable company you can turn to when you need repair, replacement and maintenance services for your commercial kitchen is so important. At Quick Servant, we’re proud to offer the best in HVAC, refrigeration, cooking equipment and building maintenance services. If you’re ready to kick off 2017 with an efficient commercial kitchen, schedule your appointment today.

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