Part I: Spring Cleaning Primer for Your Restaurant

Spring has sprung! And with the season’s beautiful, warm weather comes throngs of diners and restaurant patrons eager to enjoy springtime. That’s why now is the ideal time to renew and refresh your restaurant. Follow these simple spring cleaning tips to prepare your restaurant establishment for booming business this summer.

Deep Clean All Floors


Sanitize or replace all mop heads and other cleaning supplies that have collected grime over time and use. Now is also the best time to have your carpets deep-cleaned. Rid carpeted areas of the dirt that was tracked through during fall and winter months. Make sure there are floor mats placed at entryways to prevent spring showers from tracking their way inside in the form of mud. Pressure wash the most frequently travelled mats often.

Improve Your Restaurant’s Curb Appeal


Place spring flowers and plants outside the entrance of your restaurant. Power wash windows and sidewalks, and check for any areas of damage outside where some good-old fashioned TLC maintenance could come into use. With the new season and warmer weather, this may also be the perfect time to consider updates and room remodels. Stay up to date on all the latest industry design trends.

Spruce up the Dining Area


+ Under Tables: Check the under sides of dining tables for wads of chewing gum or other unpleasant stains and spots.
+ Frames: Make sure to dust all painting and picture frames throughout the restaurant. Then, clean glass frames with Windex. Repeat this process for all indoor windows and window frames.
+ Light fixtures and Fans: Remove dust from light fixtures, fans and other displays such as indoor plant leaves.
+ Paint Touch-Ups: Also, touch up any areas where paint has chipped, including walls, tables and seating.

Pay Heed to Bathrooms


Spend time focusing on sanitizing all the cracks and corners of bathrooms. Freshen up worn grout and dusty fixtures. Consider adding some flowers or replacing the old trash bin for a simple and expensive way to make things look even nicer.

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