Quick Servant Partners With Manitowoc KitchenCare for Commercial Equipment Excellence

At Quick Servant, we are committed to finding the most innovative commercial kitchen equipment product selections and services. As a restaurant owner or manager, you have plenty on your plate. The expertise and experience of our commercially trained technicians allows you to focus on what’s truly important keeping your customers happy and your business thriving.

With every new Manitowoc Foodservice product comes Kitchen Care. So what is KitchenCare, exactly, and how can it benefit your restaurant? Manitowoc’s KitchenCare is designed to guarantee you the level of service and care needed to optimize your kitchen. Think of it like a car warranty, accompanied by your trusted go-to mechanic. Create a plan structured around desired levels of support that will meet your unique operational needs whether you lead a one-man-band or are running a multi-unit operation.

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– 3 Levels of KitchenCare Equipment Support –




You’ll receive support from Quick Servant technicians, all of whom are Factory Authorized Servicers with extensive training and rigorous performance audits.
     + Warranty and Lifetime Service
     + Installation and Start Up
     + Certified Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts for Reliable Repairs
     + Global Parts Inventory for Quick Delivery of On-hand Replacement Parts
     + Planned Maintenance for Peak Performance, Cost Effective Operation and Extended Equipment         Lifetime



The same level of service you receive from StarCare, with the added fringe benefits of unparalleled customer support options.
     + CareCode mobile technology provides instant access to all information available on your unit,             offers service selection capabilities, speedy troubleshooting, cleaning and maintenance                         operations guides, training tutorials, videos and more. Everything you need to know regarding             your commercial restaurant kitchen equipment rests at the tips of your fingers with this game-           changing and simple-to-use information technology.
     + 24/7 1-800 customer service for troubleshooting, technical support or scheduling.
     + InstaSupport for helpful equipment training videos and educational tools for staff.



This option provides worry-free protection care and support for foodservice operations with multiple locations.
     + Specially Customized Planned Maintenance Program to determine equipment piece                               maintenance, frequency, operational usage and billing schedules.
     + Install and Equipment Orientation including planning services, ongoing communication, install             and site preparation and complete installation as well as orientation
     + KitchenConnect is an integrated full-facility management system with remote monitoring and             service selection options. The system provides you with comprehensive information regarding           your foodservice operations — equipment performance, maximum kitchen efficiency, full-                   facility energy savings and best-practices data for optimum energy and expense savings.                       Remote problem resolution and immediate dispatching for repair, all before you even realize               there’s an equipment issue.
     + MenuConnect allows you to manage your menu across multiple locations, upload recipes and              input specific equipment cooking procedures.

Call Quick Servant for Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Expertise

Call Quick Servant for Commercial Kitchen Equipment Support

Quick Servant is excited to begin the month of May with a new partnership. As a Factory Authorized Service Provider for Manitowoc KitchenCare products and commercial kitchen equipment maintenance plans, our commercially trained technicians are committed to providing your foodservice operation with the most innovative, quality equipment selections. Contact us today at (888) 238-4133 to learn more about how our partnership with Manitowoc can give you the peace of mind you need to run your restaurant roadblock-free.

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