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Restaurant Spring Cleaning Tips for 2022

Now that Spring is officially in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to revamp your operations and restaurant for your patrons! As the weather gets warmer, more people want to venture out to enjoy the sunshine and excellent food with friends and family. You can give your patrons an incredible dining experience with an inviting ambiance, new, flavorful items on the menu, and upgraded equipment.
In the last blog, we covered the first steps to tackling spring cleaning at your restaurant. Refresh your operations this season with restaurant spring cleaning tips from Quick Servant. Here, we explore ways to deep clean your kitchen and give your restaurant a fresh look for Springtime!

Deep Clean Your Commercial Kitchen

One of the best ways to start your restaurant spring cleaning is by assessing your equipment and taking the necessary actions to clean them. Below we break down different commercial restaurant equipment and tips for ensuring they are clean.

  • Commercial Kitchen Hoods: Your restaurant hood is an expensive piece of commercial equipment that is vital to the success of your foodservice operations. Take the time to make sure it’s clean and working properly to continue operations.
  • Ice Machine: Your ice machine is used for cocktails, beverages, and for some deserts, so it’s important it’s sanitary. For a complete guide to ice machine cleaning, check out our blog: Your 7 Step Ice Machine Cleaning Checklist.
  • Drink Dispensers: To clean your drink dispensers, you can hand wash all the nozzles on your soda machine and blow out the lines to ensure all blockages are removed and sanitized. Then, use some line cleaner solutions to thoroughly clean soda and beer dispensers as well as coffee pots.
  • Refrigerator Coils: Check the refrigerator coils connected to your kitchen’s commercial refrigeration equipment. These components should be cleaned on a monthly basis, and you should schedule routine maintenance service appointments with professional commercial refrigeration technicians.
  • Dishware and Pans: Bleach stains from coffee cups and consider upgrading your plates if many are cracked, chipped, or simply looking worn. Clean grease stains from pots and pans, or consider investing in some new cookware products for the best experience for your guests.
  • Inspect the State of the Menus

    Spring may be the perfect time to give your restaurant’s menu a fresh, new look. If your menus are stained or damaged beyond repair, find a company like MustHaveMenus which can help you update your menu and grow your business through well-branded products. You can showcase any new specialty drinks, menu items, and specials!

    Refresh Kitchen Staff on Commercial Equipment Cleaning Procedures

    Now is a great time to retrain staff on daily cleaning duties and procedures, or implement certain tasks from which overall operations could benefit. As you begin your spring cleaning, you can determine the highest priority tasks and go over some necessary procedures to make the process seamless.

    Want to learn how to keep your kitchen inspection-worthy?

    Kitchen inspections are essential to pass for the continuation of your business and the health of your patrons. To learn more about inspections, take a look at our blog: 10 Tips to Ensure You Ace Your Next Restaurant Inspection.

    Schedule a Commercial AC Maintenance Service Appointment

    With warmer spring and summer weather upon us, now is the time for restaurants will have to crank the air conditioners up through the months ahead. Ensure your commercial HVAC system is operating at peak performance before unexpected disaster strikes. Call your trusted commercial technicians for a routine maintenance check and commercial AC repairs.

    Call Quick Servant for Commercial HVAC and Kitchen Equipment Services

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