Simple Steps to Maximize Your Ice Machine Efficiency

Simple Steps to Maximize Your Ice Machine Efficiency

If you own or are responsible for a stand alone ice machine—like those typically seen in restaurants or other commercial applications—there are several things you need to know in order to get the most value from your machine. There are a number of crucial factors that you might not consider to help you maximize the efficiency of your ice machine’s operation. Its location, water quality and even your style of ice maker can all affect the overall yield you will receive on average.

Fortunately, Quick Servant is here to help you get the most out of your ice machine. Here are a few key steps you can take to help boost your ice maker to its maximum potential.

#1 Choose an Ideal Location

Location, location, location. Where you end up placing your ice machine will have a large impact on its overall efficiency. There are several different varieties of ice makers that are all designed for specific purposes, and each type will be suited for a different location.

The key thing to remember about placing your ice maker is that it should be as far from any external heat sources as possible. Ice machines work just like refrigerators and freezers, meaning their condensers can easily overheat when the local temperature gets too high.

Because of this, kitchens are not usually the best place to put an ice maker of any make or model. The generally high heat produced from the other kitchen appliances can put a huge strain on the ice machine.

#2 Employ Filtration Systems

It might seem counterintuitive to filter water that is only going to be frozen for ice, but the added purity is only one small factor that makes filtration a necessity. When a filtration system prevents sediment and other materials from entering the ice machine, it prevents the build up of scales within the lines and reservoir. This will decrease the need for emergency maintenance and save your business hundreds of dollars per year.

Purified water allows ice makers to run smoother as well, and at a reduced energy cost. Impurities in the water, and those left in the machine after ice has been dispensed, causes water to freeze slower, meaning the machine has to work harder to yield the desired results.

#3 Schedule Regular Maintenance

Scheduling routine maintenance for your ice machine is the best thing you can do to extend its life and keep it operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. 70 percent of all ice machine service calls are due to water-related problems.

Luckily, with regular maintenance, a professional can show you how to lower maintenance and service costs and provide your home, employees or customers with the highest quality ice. Don’t let poor ice quality ruin your beverage.

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Quick Servant has been serving the Delmarva region for years, and are proud to provide professional HVAC and refrigeration services that include ice machine repair and maintenance. If you are experiencing issues with the quality of your ice or high costs due to an inefficient machine, Quick Servant is here to help. Call us today to find out how we can get you up and running to peak ice machine performance in no time.

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