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The Surprising Science Behind Temperature and Productivity

There are many reasons why thermal conditions are not controlled well in commercial settings. Whether these include insufficient cooling or heating capacities, high internal or external loads, large thermal zones, or improper control-system design and operation, the science behind temperature and its effect on productivity reveals a truth that could be causing your employees’ productivity and collaboration to suffer more than you think. Increased evidence shows that indoor air quality substantially influences productivity.

Ideal Temperature in the Workplace

It is important to note that optimal temperature doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the ideal temperature for everyone individually. Rather, it is the temperature that is best for everyone as a whole. Research shows that 71.5 degrees Fahrenheit yields 100 percent productivity. Although, as temperatures vary from this, productivity starts to decrease.

As temperatures increase in Fahrenheit:

77 degrees = 98% productivity
82 degrees = 95% productivity
87 degrees = 90% productivity
92 degrees = 85% productivity

As temperatures decrease in Fahrenheit:

66 degrees = 98% productivity
63 degrees = 95% productivity
59 degrees = 90% productivity
52 degrees = 85% productivity

External Factors that Impact Temperature and Productivity

There are many variables that alter optimal temperatures which makes it difficult to pinpoint what the ideal thermostat setting should be for your office. These variables include:


These are all things to consider when adjusting the thermostat settings in your office.

Temperature Impacts Mood

Psychologists have discovered that our impression of the people around us is also influenced by temperature. When people feel cold they perceive others to be ‘cold’ as well causing them to seem less generous and caring. When people feel warm, they open up to people more and vice versa, perceiving them to be ‘warm’ and caring.

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