Top 3 AC Issues and Causes

Top 3 AC Issues and Causes

There are very few things worse than having AC problems on a very hot day. The AC system is one of the most complex appliances in the home – and dare we say… one of the most important. With many different components within the system working together, there are likely some issues waiting to happen.

Fortunately, most of the more common AC issues are fairly simple to fix. Air conditioners are generally manufactured to be rugged with high quality. If your AC fails, start by checking any circuit breakers or fuses. This guide will cover the top three most common air conditioner problems and their causes.

Refrigerant Leaks

If your AC happens to be low on refrigerant, either it was undercharged when installed or it has a leak. If a leak is the cause, simply adding refrigerant is not a proper solution.

The fixing of any leak should be left to a trained technician, who will also test the repair and then charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. Remember that your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency is at its highest when the refrigerant charge precisely matches the specification of the system’s manufacturer and is neither overcharged nor undercharged. Air conditioner refrigerant leaks can also be environmentally harmful.

Electric Control Failure

The air conditioner can suffer due to failure of electrical controls. Causes can include the compressor and fan controls wearing out, especially when the air conditioner is turned on and off frequently, which is common when there is an oversized system involved. Because there are other problems like corrosion of wire and terminals in many systems, electrical connections should be assessed during a professional service call.

Drainage Problems

Drainage problems can occur especially in high humidity. This is when you should check the condensate drain to make sure that it is draining properly and isn’t clogged. If room air conditioners are not mounted level, they may also experience drainage problems.

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