Toaster Facts

7 Fun and Interesting Facts About Toasters

Facts about toasters: we use them quite frequently, but what do we really know about the warming, browning, crisping devices? If we’ve now gotten you wondering, here are some fun facts about the toaster for you! Get ready to get educated about the next best thing since sliced bread!

Fact #1. You Spend A Lot of Time Toasting

Did you know the average household in the United States spends about 35 hours a year making toast and an estimated 75 million of those household members eat toast every day?

Fact #2. In a Name

The first toaster had quite the cute name: El Tosto.

Fact #3. How Toast is Toasted

The toasting process is known as the Maillard reaction. When bread is subjected to 310 degrees Fahrenheit, the sugars begin to brown and form the crunchy surface toast is delightedly known for.

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Fact #4. The Original Toaster was Invented in 1893

We didn’t get the electric toaster until 1905. That same year inventor Albert Marsh made the Nichrome wire, which made the electric toaster possible.

Fact #5. The Best Thing Before Sliced Bread

The next best thing beyond the electric toaster has to be sliced bread. That’s because in 1933 sliced bread was invented and the American toaster got a boost in popularity.

Fact #6. The Best Wedding Gift

In 1926 the pop-up toaster debuted and a pricey gift — known for making appearances as wedding gifts. It would cost $150 by today’s standards.

Fact #7. Part of History

Toasters aren’t just in the American kitchen. They’re in the museum as well. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has about 100 toasters spanning the 18th-20 centuries.

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