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What Causes Dirty Sock Syndrome?

What Causes Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Have you ever turned on your heater only to be greeted by a disgusting smell coming through the vents? If so, you’ve likely experienced dirty sock syndrome firsthand.

Dirty sock syndrome is a familiar problem that plagues HVAC systems, which can leave your commercial building smelling more so like a sweaty locker room rather than your business. Luckily, dirty sock syndrome can be fixed before it wards off your customers and impacts business. Learn more about the causes and solutions below.

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What Causes Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Our air conditioners get a lot of love, especially during the summertime. When our ACs work in overdrive to keep us cool, the coils can develop ice. While this isn’t entirely unusual, it can quickly create a moist area, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Most business owners don’t realize there is anything wrong with their HVAC systems until they’re hit with the first cold front of the season. When the heater is switched on, the coils and heat pump will begin to quickly defrost. This causes condensation, which can emit a foul scent similar to dirty socks. As the fan motor blows air over the coils, the smelly air is dispersed throughout your business.

How to Get Rid of Dirty Sock Syndrome

Fortunately for our noses, dirty sock syndrome is relatively simple to combat with a professional cleaning by an experienced HVAC technician. While a professional cleaning can typically rid most HVAC systems of dirty sock syndrome, in extreme cases, it might not be enough. Older air conditioning systems and systems that haven’t been regularly maintained throughout the year may need to be replaced.

Your air conditioning system is a big investment, so in any case, it is important to call a reliable HVAC company if your air conditioning system is experiencing dirty sock syndrome.

Treat Dirty Sock Syndrome with Quick Servant

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to ensure your system is functioning efficiently and not turning into a breeding ground for mold and dirty sock syndrome in the months to come. Schedule a maintenance checkup with us today and learn how we can help!

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