What Daylight Savings Time Means for Your Maryland Energy Bill

What Daylight Savings Means for Your Maryland Energy Bill

Are you ready to spring forward this Sunday?

While lots of us dread losing an hour of our precious weekend, the time change can also influence your energy consumption. Daylight savings time can result in higher energy bills for residents of Maryland. Even though heaters and furnaces will mostly be turned to off for the next few months, energy bills can still skyrocket due to inefficient AC systems. With the time change and extra hour of sunlight, business owners should start thinking about some steps they can take to keep their air conditioner running efficiently throughout the summer.

Daylight Saving Time and Energy Consumption

The time change can have quite an impact on your energy consumption. Not only is the weather warming up, but you and your family might also be at your house quite a bit more during the daytime hours. In some states, this time change has increased residential energy consumption by around one percent. For a single home, however, the increase could be much larger.

Start Prepping Your Home Today

In order to keep your energy bills as low as possible, it is important that you preparing your home for the summer months. While a service call with an HVAC technician will ensure that your AC is running smoothly, you might want to take some time and check on your insulation as well. This includes examining areas such as the attic and crawlspace for damaged or worn insulation. You should also inspect doors, windows and vents for any cracks or holes that will allow air to escape.

Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

During seasonal HVAC service calls, your technician will be able to test and inspect your system for any irregularities that will cause your bills to spike. They will also be able to test the accuracy of the thermostat to ensure it is set to the right level. Without preventative maintenance, a catastrophic breakdown could take place when you least expect it—and perhaps when you most need a fully functioning AC.

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