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What Is a Condenser Unit?

What Is a Condenser Unit?

How much do you know about the mechanisms of your air conditioning system? Within your air conditioning system are hundreds of components working together to keep your home comfortable. One of these components is the condenser unit.

Put simply, condenser units are temperature control devices in air conditioners, chillers, heat pumps and refrigerators. The devices works to compress and pump gasses (known as refrigerants) through a structure of coils to heat and cool the space, whether that space is a home, a business, or even a refrigerator.

Condensers contain a refrigerant, fans, a compressor and pumps, as well as a system of tubing to control the movement of the refrigerant.

Types of Condenser Units

A condenser is classified based on how it rejects heat to the medium around it. Following this criterion, there are three main types of condenser units which are air-cooled, water-cooled, and a combination of both.

– Air-Cooled: These condensers find their applications mainly in homes and small workplaces. Mostly, they are utilized in small capacity appliances, below twenty tons. The advantage of this design is that no water pumping or water disposal system is required, thus no water expenses are incurred. This type of condenser unit is also easy to install, and not much maintenance is required.

– Water-Cooled: There are three types of water-cooled condenser unit that are mostly used: shell and coil, double tube and shell and tube. Shell and tube type is the most commonly used condenser unit, which typically has a lower per ton of refrigeration and durable compressors compared to the air-cooled variety.

– Evaporative: This type of unit combines both water and air cooled types.

Maintain Your Condenser Unit with Quick Servant

The condenser unit component of your air conditioning system is essential to keeping your home cool and comfortable. That’s why it’s important to keep the condenser unit and the rest of your HVAC system maintained. By scheduling an annual maintenance checkup with the professionals at Quick Servant, you can increase the efficiency of your system, lower your energy bills, prevent costly repairs and much more. Ready to schedule your next appointment? Call us at (888) 238-4133 or schedule an appointment online today.