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What Is An AC Condenser?

What Is An AC Condenser?

Your air conditioning system is a complex device, made up of numerous parts, all which work together to cool and heat your home. Take for example, the condenser.

Essential to the operation of an air conditioning system, the condenser is a heat exchange device that operates similarly to that of the evaporator. The device rejects heat from the air conditioning system to the surrounding area, while the evaporator draws heat from space to be cooled. Condensers take in high-temperature, high-pressure refrigerant gas from the air conditioning compressor and turn it into a high-temperature, high pressure liquid refrigerant. Simply put, air conditioning condensers work by transforming vapor refrigerant to liquid refrigerant.

Types of Air Conditioner Condensers

Air conditioning condenser units are grouped based on their method of heat rejection to the surrounding air. Types of air conditioning condenser units include:

– Water-cooled condenser
– Air-cooled condenser
– Earth-cooled condenser
– A combination of water and air-cooled condensers

Water-Cooled Condenser Units

Water-cooled condensers reject the heat absorbed by the air conditioning system. The water must be clean, at a certain temperature, and non-corrosive. It also has to be treated to prevent problems such as algae and mineral deposits. The types of water-cooled condensers are:

– Shell and coil
– Tube in tube
– Shell and tube

Although they require regular maintenance, water-cooled condenser units are more efficient than air-cooled condensers and operate at much lower condensing temperatures.

Air-Cooled Condenser Units

Air-cooled condensers are typically used in residential and commercial AC units. The parts that help with the heat rejection process include condenser coils, condenser fan blades, and condenser motors. There are two types of air-cooled condensers: plate condensers and fin and tube condensers.

In Need of Residential or Commercial HVAC Services?

The condenser is an essential part of your HVAC system, so it is important to ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible. If you suspect the condenser or another component of your system is in need of service, call the professionals at Quick Servant today or schedule an appointment online.