What to Expect During an AC Maintenance Checkup

What to Expect During an AC Maintenance Checkup

Your air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home. That’s why the HVAC professionals at Quick Servant recommend you schedule a maintenance checkup at least once per year.

Not sure what a routine maintenance checkup entails? Here’s what you can expect when you schedule an appointment.

What Does a Maintenance Checkup from Quick Servant Include?

At Quick Servant, we understand your air conditioning system is a big investment, which is why we go the extra mile to protect it. When you schedule your maintenance checkup with us, one of our professional technicians will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection on all of the components in your system. This includes the cooling unit itself, the air ducts and other vital components that make up your HVAC system.

Since a clean system is necessary in maintaining great efficiency, we’ll replace the air filter. You can also learn more about the cleanliness of your air ducts and the need for an additional duct cleaning service. In addition, your system will receive a full tuneup to make sure everything is functioning as it should be and we’ll replace any parts that are in need of repair. Components that will be checked include the compressor, the outdoor coil, the indoor coil, the capacitor, the thermostat and more. Replacing these components when they are showing wear and tear can reduce the risk of a complete breakdown later.

The Benefits of AC Maintenance Service

Routine maintenance can benefit your air conditioning system in more ways than one.  For starters, routine maintenance will ensure your system is functioning as it should be. You may not even realize that your system isn’t functioning as efficiently as it could be, resulting in a less comfortable home and increased energy bills. Additionally, routine maintenance will reduce your need for costly repairs by catching small problems before they turn into larger ones. Even better, routine maintenance will lengthen the lifespan of your system overall.

Schedule Your Maintenance Checkup Today

While a maintenance checkup can be scheduled at any time of the year, the professionals at Quick Servant can help you determine when the most opportune time to schedule your appointment is. If you have not scheduled maintenance service recently, now is a great time to set up an appointment with Quick Servant.

Still have questions about routine maintenance? Give us a call today or schedule your appointment online.