Why Does My Commercial Garbage Disposal Smell?

Why Does My Commercial Garbage Disposal Smell?

Commercial garbage disposals have no time to smell. In a commercial kitchen, you need someone you can count on when things go wrong. This is completely understandable in the restaurant world, where time and delivery is money — and that’s why you can’t afford to have your commercial garbage disposal act up. Read on to learn about the top three reasons your garbage disposal is smelling less than sweet — and what you can do to remedy it:

Reason #1: The Long Haul

If your garbage disposal smells, the culprit could be mass. Think about the sheer amount of food you put in the disposal per day has a lot to do with what’s going to come from it. Without regular cleaning, it’s very natural that the disposal will begin emitting less than sweet scents.

Reason #2: You Haven’t Cleaned Properly

There are several ways to properly clean a commercial garbage disposal. One quick way is to throw a couple handfuls of ice and a few lemon slices into the disposal and grind. The lemon-ice mixture will clean the blades of the garbage disposal and also neutralize the foul-smelling food remnants.

Reason #3: Use a Cleaner

There are both natural and commercial cleaners for garbage disposals. Grind the peel of an orange, or any citrus fruit, with running water for a fragrant and natural cleaning. You also can use a commercial disinfectant to clean your disposal. Make sure the disposal is not clogged, however. Over time, a clogged disposal will back up and begin to smell.

Quick Servant is Ready to Remove Commercial Garbage Disposal Smell!

Having trouble clearing your commercial garbage disposal? It may be time to call in the professionals. The Quick Servant team of appliance technicians are Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) certified and have decades of experience de-clogging commercial garbage disposals. We know that every minute you aren’t doing your job as a chef or sous chef is major money for the company, so we are committed to fixing your disposal and giving you tips for maintaining it. Contact us today to get started.